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Welcome to the
Fancy Guppy Information Center!

      The Fancy Guppy Information Center is a free site dedicated to the fancy guppy/show guppy enthusiast. The FGIC is the ultimate guppy directory filled with information about all aspects of the guppy hobby. From novice to expert, it is our goal to make the FGIC a website that everyone can enjoy.
      If anyone has any stories,links or ideas that they would like to share,please drop me an EMAIL and I will include them in this site.
      Many of the links on this site lead to other guppy sites, so feel free to bookmark this page for easy return. This page will be updated on a regular basis, so be sure and check back often.

Thanks and happy guppying.

Article Of The Month
Raising Microworms
By Stephen Kwartler

      Often I am asked about the foods I use to feed my guppies. I explain about the importance of a varied diet that must include daily feedings of live baby brine shrimp. Many newcomers who only have a small amount of tanks do not want to set up bottles or jars to hatch brine shrimp. After a short time they see that their guppies are much smaller than those at the shows. I explain that without feeding baby brine shrimp to the babies they may never reach show quality or size. For those hobbyist I will offer an alternative. The culturing of microworms can serve as a good alternative for baby brine shrimp. This is especially true for the breeder who only has a small number of tanks. Microworms, although they multiply rapidly, do not produce in large enough quantities to feed many tanks of guppies unless many cultures are used. Below is a recipe for culturing microworms. There are many alternative recipes used, this is one that seems to work well.

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2007 Fancy Guppy Show Season

Deep South Fancy Guppy Associates.
Show Dates April 14th & 15th.
Contact info: Norman Richardson

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Guppylog is now the official forum for the Fancy Guppy Information Center! Guppylog is not just a forum, it's an interactive guppy community.

Michigan Guppy Breeders
This is a great board that's shared by several different clubs including the IFGA website.

Liverbearers forum
Aquarium Hobbyist has a great livebearer message forum with lots of information about the guppy.

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