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Product Showcase
Deluxe Freshwater Test Lab
freshwater test kit

The Deluxe Freshwater Test Lab helps serious aquatic hobbyists to maintain the healthiest tanks. All inclusive kit contains tests for pH, ammonia, nitrite, hardness GH & KH, iron, CO2, and chlorine

freshwater testkit

TetraTech Deep Water Air Pumps
aquarium air pumps

TetraTec Deep Water Air Pumps were designed to pump large quantities of air, even in deep aquariums where oxygen levels are low. They are also an excellent choice for driving protein skimmers, and have power to drive multiple airstones in one or more tanks.

air pumps

Fancy Guppy Articles
Practial Guppy Keeping
By Stephen Kwartler
A Basic Breeder Setup
By Jon Power
10 Tips On Keeping Fancy Guppies
By Stephen Kwartler
Beginners Luck
By Sherry Wells
Basics Of Disease Prevention
By Luke Roebuck
Outcrossing Your Guppy Strains
By Midge Hill
Breeding Your Guppies
By Frank Schwab
Feeding Your Guppies
By J. Henderson
Maintaining A Color Strain-Part 1
By Luke Roebuck
Maintaining A Color Strain-Part 2
By Luke Roebuck
Purchasing Breeders
By Luke Roebuck
Filter Changes
By Alan E. Opdyke
Brine Shrimp
By Stephen Kwartler
Water Changes
By Alan E. Opdyke
Selecting A Breeding Program
By Stephen Kwartler
Fish Food Recipe
By Dennis Beaty
Guppy Care And Feeding Tips
By Frank Schwab
Aquarium Setup & Maintenance
By Jon Power
Frozen Beef Heart
By Stephen Kwartler
Guppy Syndrome
By Stephen Kwartler

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tropical fish hobbyist
tropical fish hobbyist
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guppies:keeping and breeding
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proper care of guppies
fancy guppies
guppies today
fancy guppies
guppies today

fancy guppies
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