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Frozen Beef Heart
By Stephen Kwartler

Beef heart (about 4 lb.)

Jars of strained baby food containing no sugar

    4-jars of carrots

    4- jars of peas

    4- jars of sweet potatoes

1- zucchini

1 bottle of Poly Visol baby vitamins (expensive about $9.00 but necessary) or equivalent.

Half box of baby cereal unflavored.

Two packets of Knox unflavored gelatin

You can also add to this recipe:

8 oz. of flake food, shredded shrimp or shrimp meal

8 oz. or more of fish fillet or fish roe


      I cut away all the fat and vein off the beef heart and cut into cubes. Peel off the skin from the zucchini. I then add in small portions of the cubed beef heart into a blender or food processor. This takes the longest amount of time. You can add the liquid vitamins a little at a time to help with the blending. I never add any water to this recipe. After all the beef heart in well blended it is time to mix in the rest of the ingredients. Take small portions of the beef heart and add some baby food, flake food, a piece of the zucchini, fish and whatever else you are adding and re-blend until all the ingredients are evenly blended. This will require the use of several large bowls if large amounts are being mixed. Put entire mix into a large enough container. Put the two packets of Knox gelatin into 4 oz. of very hot water and mix well. Immediately add the gelatin and mix well. Once everything is blended evenly I put about 2 hefty tablespoons in 4 x 10-inch fish bags and flatten out like a candy bar. DO NOT MAKE THEM TOO FAT! When finished, all bags go into freezer until needed. To feed I take a sharp cutting knife and cut into small (1/8 - 1/4) cubes and feed to every tank. Fish usually feed on this for sometime. Some fish will pick whiles others go into a frenzy. After this feeding I do not feed again for at least two hours. I feed the beef heart about 4 times a week to all guppies from three weeks of age to five months. I still feed baby brine shrimp to all fry and juveniles everyday.

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