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Feeding Your Guppies
By J. Henderson

      Feeding your guppies is one of the most important steps in getting them to grow to large show fish. This is the stage (the first 2 months) that during this period that the guppy grows the fastest and the development of good body traits ,large and strong bodys and good overall development of fins occur before the guppy starts putting his energy into sexual devlopment.

      Make sure you use small tanks 5 1/2 gallons prefered,this allows the fry a smaller swimming area in which to find food and they won't use as much energy as they would in a larger tank saving their energy for body and fin development.

      You should feed your fish as often as they seem hungry at least 5-6 times a day but be carefull you don't foul up tanks with uneaten food.The guppy 's cycle for digestion of food is about 1 hour.

      The best food to feed your guppy fry with is live brine shrimp Feed the fry as often as 2- times a day. Keep in mind that brine shrimp acts as a laxative to fry so in order to nuetralize this feed the fry a small powdered form of a good flake food first as the powdered food will help hold the shrmp in the fishes body longer(feed shrimp for their first 6 months).

      Other good foods to feed them are flake foods such as (Spirulina,Egg, Color and Earthworm flakes. Feed seperate or combine them together so fry get a little of each at each serving. Remember flakes should be crushed small enough so they will eat the whole piece.

      Another great food is beefheart (the heart of a cow) This food you can do many things with but beefheart will help give you the size you need for those show fish. Make sure fish are large enough to eat this.

      Below is a rough schedule of my feeding times and food. this works for me but you may have different circumstances to work with ALL which are Ok if they work. Experiment with your times and food till you find out what works best but remember the guppy s always hungry.

Feeding Schedule

9 am.------ Lights on(ceiling lights only I turn on tank lights only when i want to look at fish or clean tanks etc.)
9:15 am.----- Flake Food Mix (egg or spirulina) finely crushed powder for fry to 1 month
10:30 am.----- Live Brine Shrimp
12:00pm----- Flake food again
1:15pm.----- BeefHeart (every 2-3 days) or flake food mix.
1:30 ------ Tank lights off (ceiling lights stay on) Time for me to go to work. By the way isn't raising guppies WORK ?
10:00----- Lights on
10:30---- Flake Food ( mix of Egg,Spirulina, Brine Shrimp and Color flakes)
12:00am.---- Live Brine Shrimp again
12:20----- ALL lights off
The reason i keep lights on 15 minutes or so after last feedings is so guppies and fry can clean up all the possible food they can so it doesn't spoil in tanks.

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