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Fish Food Recipe
By Denis Beatty
Deep South Fancy Guppy Associates

      Dennis Beatty has been breeding show guppies for almost ten years. He is also a member of the Deep South Fancy Guppy Associates. Below is his secret recipe for breeding show winning fish!


      This is not the only way, this may not even be the best way, but for me, my set-up, and my routine, this is what works best for me.

      Just this past week I had to order flakes so I'll start at the beginning. I have a small set-up so my needs are small but I try to keep everything fresh.

From I ordered:
1.5 ounces of Krill
6 ounces of Plankton Gold flake
6 ounces of Brine Shrimp flake
6 ounces of Spirilina and Kelp flake

      When my order came, I opened the krill and used a small electric food chopper to grind it down to almost the consistency of prepared black pepper (maybe not quite that small but small enough for even young fry to eat). The chopper is not needed with the flakes. They can be crushed in the plastic feed bag.

      I take a 6 inch by 12 inch plastic bag like I use when shipping fish. I put in 1/3 of the ground krill I open each of the other three pouches and add 1/3 from each pouch to my plastic feed bag. I take my hand and crush the large flakes down to a small size then shake it to mix completely. All the flake and krill are at the bottom of the bag and I press out most of the air and roll it tightly, over and over. The long 12 inch bag makes many layers against moisture and any air movement.

      I keep the plastic feed bag handy and feed frequently but lightly whenever I get the chance and the lights are on. (I limit my guppies to 8 to 10 hours of light). I always roll as tightly as possible after using the plastic feed bag.

      Whatever else they may be fed, this is always the "first" course. They get this mix of flake when I start the process of harvesting microworms or brine shrimp so the live food or any other prepared foods are always a "second" course.

      Storage of the unused part of my shipment: I store all four foods in individual plastic bags. I put the remaining krill in a 3" by 10" fish bag and roll it just like the other. Then I do it again so it is double wrapped and rolled. The flakes are not mixed. I put each flake type in its own 6" by 12" bag, roll it tight and then wrap it again. All four bags are put in a small cardboard box to keep them together and go to the freezer until I need to make up some more food mix.

      One additional note. I usually feed Golden Pearls (200 micron size) at least twice a day. It is not mixed in with the flake mix. This is a slightly controversial food and at least one well known breeder says it is of marginal nutritional value. I think it is beneficial to my fish because of the large particle size and will continue using it.

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